Our coaches have worked with people of all ages and walks of life, and are changing lives. But don’t take our word for it… read what those who have worked with our coaches have to say about the experience…

“Life coaching with Debbie Pawelek helped me to find peace and to see things more clearly through some traumatic events. It was a fun and revealing process of self-discovery…I always felt I was moving forward. It was the moment of the week that I had a guide to help me figure things out. I was impressed with how Debbie helped change my state of mind. I would start many of our session anxious, confused, and preoccupied with all the things that I couldn’t let go of and I would end the session relaxed, confident in myself, and at peace. The process involved identifying my emotional blocks, opening up to the memories of where they came from and healing. Definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone going through crisis.”
“Wow!!”Pam Sandberg truly has a gift for seeing into the essence of others. I came to her expecting to work on my career, and ended up having tremendous insights not only about my career path, but also about my relationship and my spiritual life. Within one session with Pam I felt my heart expand into a sense of unconditional love that I had been disconnected to for far, far too long. Two weeks later, I am still feeling uplifted, empowered, and inspired by our session together – I would highly recommend Pam to anyone looking for a compassionate guide on their journey of transformation. You will not regret it!!
“I Felt A Major Shift In My Emotions”I was facing a legal issue. Before we started our session, Roberta Nelson asked that I rate how I was feeling on the scale of 1-10. I rated myself at a 0. I was feeling totally hopeless. During our session, I felt a Major shift in my emotions! I stopped sobbing, and all of a sudden I felt calm and peaceful. By the end of our session I rated myself at a 5! The next day I was totally calm and focused for my critical meeting. The meeting that terrified me the day before was resolved without any consequences!
“She Brought Me Back to the Space of Truth”I really enjoyed my session with Brenda Jacobi and spending time basking in her beautiful, shining, warm, and calming energy. I needed advice regarding my financial situation and she brought me back to the space of truth. She spotted some money-related blocks that run my life since my childhood. I loved the actions that came up for me as a result of the reading and I loved the gentle validation she gave me and the total love and understanding and compassion that were streaming from her during all the time.
“I Am Very Grateful”Rebecca Gretz is a wonderfully intuitive counselor. Her guidance helped me find a great deal of clarity of direction in my life through assisting me in listening to my own inner wisdom. She is a compassionate and wise counselor who sees with a great deal of objective perspective. I am very grateful to Rebecca for all of the support she has given me in the last year.
“Helped My Uncover What Was Holding Me Back”I needed clarity on what was blocking me from moving forward in my business. I signed up for a coaching session with Debbie Pawelek and she helped me to drill deeper into my story and uncover what was holding me back from moving forward and letting my light shine in the world. The breakthrough I experienced along with the release and surrender was so freeing. Debbie is a joy to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering working with a coach to breakthrough to achieve their goals.

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