Chakra Evaluations

What are chakras?

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, vortex or whirlpool. We have 9 major chakras (at this time) and they are located along the central channel of the body and they function like conduits through which energy passes between the etheric (spiritual) and physical bodies.

Each Chakra regulates distinct aspects of you and has specific information that directs its energies. Each chakra influences the organs, muscles, ligaments, veins and other systems within its area of activity. They are strongly connected to your moods, personality and overall health.

There are 9 major chakras and each corresponds to a particular area of your life.

From bottom to top:

  • Feet – Grounding
  • Root – Survival
  • Sacral – Pleasure
  • Solar Plexus – Power
  • Heart – Love
  • Thymus – Service
  • Throat – Communication
  • Third Eye – Imagination
  • Crown – Spirituality

Why do I care?

When energy is not flowing optimally through the chakras we name that as a block. There are two major energetic blockages for chakras; deficient or excessive.

  • Deficient can be interpreted as closed or very low energy. A chakra that is deficient is unable to receive stimulation. This means that activities associated with that chakra (i.e. Pleasure, Love, Communication) are also blocked. When a chakra is deficient there is an avoidance of the issues related to that chakras life focus. For instance, if there is a deficiency in the throat chakra, that person might not be able to speak up or speak their truth.
  • Excessive can be interpreted as too cluttered to function properly. A chakra that is excessive is unable to let go. Internal energy is not allowed to be expressed. When internal energy is not released, it becomes a constant dominating force to the whole system. Using the example above, the person with an excessive block in the throat chakra might talk too much.

When we are blocked we are not able to live the life we want to live.


How did this happen?

For most of us, our blocks come from our childhood experiences, cultural values and parental programming. Past pain and/or stress, from whatever source, affects the healthy functioning of your chakras.The chakra system does try to be in balance, so if there is one chakra that is deficient, it is very likely that there is another that is excessive in the attempts to balance the whole.

What can I do?

The good news is, you don’t have to stay in a blocked state. Tuning into the energies of each of your chakras, I interpret how the energy is flowing. Where I find blockages I will suggest essential oil remedies that you can apply to correct the flow. To optimize the results I recommend using goDesana essential oils and products in the specified application which can include: salt bath, foot bath, misting spray, diffusion, direct application, pulse point application, reflex point application or taken internally.

How does this work?

During a Chakra EmpowermentTM Session, which can take up to several days, I tune into your energies from a (clothed!) full body picture. During the session I will assess various aspects of the health of your chakras and determine what remedies are recommended at this time. You will receive a maximum of 3 suggested remedies from a single session, because you want to give your physical body a chance to adjust to the changes happening energetically.


Now what?

Click the Paypal button below to get started. Choose between a single assessment for $75 or a package of 2, initial and follow-up sessions for $125. You will receive an email requesting a digital full body photo including both feet and top of head. Within a week of receiving the photo, you will receive the assessment.

This is also a great gift for someone you care about.

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