Our Specialties and Expertise

Brenda Jacobi

  • Effective Fertility Care
  • Achieve Pregnancy
  • Gain Intimacy
  • Grow Freedom
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Debbie Pawelek

  • Creating Ease, Grace, and Flow
  • Embracing Your True SELF
  • Creating Fulfilling Relationships
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Nickie LaBeau

  • Balance Mind, Body, Heart
  • Releasing patterns that no longer serve
  • Inner Peace
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Pamela Sandberg

  • Feeling Joyously Alive!
  • Health, Relationship, Career, Prosperity
  • Wellness and Cleansing
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Rebecca Gretz

  • Wellness and Cleansing
  • Transition and Evolution
  • Loving Yourself
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Roberta Nelson

  • Wellness Expert: mind/body/spirit
  • Business Coach for Healing Arts Entrepreneurs
  • Intuitive & Healing Energy Expert
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