Rebecca Gretz

 If you are here, looking at the Coaches pages, you have something in your life that is pulling your attention.

Maybe you have a relationship that is causing stress, or perhaps you are experiencing money issues that wake you up at night.

Maybe you are dealing with health issues that cause you great pain both physically and mentally, or perhaps you are dealing with the deep grief of lost love.

No matter what your challenges, the solutions to them are closer than you might know.

When you get stuck in a thought loop of “no way out “of a particular situation, or feeling like you have no choice in your life, you can know that you have forgotten who you are.   You have, inside of you, the answers to everything that shows up as a challenge in your life.  You just need some help looking in the direction of the answers.

I can help you connect to the part of you that knows.  The part of you that is not afraid, sad, discouraged, disappointed or depressed.  The part of you that is empowered, excited, happy, compassionate, loving and confident.

If you are new to the idea that you already have the answers inside of you, prepare yourself to be amazed at YOU.  What you already know, how powerful and wise you are, and how simple the solution can actually be.

I am here specifically waiting for you, and looking forward to helping you move into the life you were born to live.

Essence energy work helps to get to the core of patterns, issues, fears, and  blocks, anything that is keeping you from taking the next step toward living the life of your dreams.

My whole life, I have been committed, in one fashion or another, to serving others. My evolution of service has taken me from the medical/health field to the computer support field and now into the magical, intuitive world of Essence Energy work. My lifelong experience of connecting with people where they are allows for coaching sessions filled with ease and grace, serving my clients at their core - Essence. I am passionate about evolution, for myself and humanity, and my daily choices reflect my commitment to evolving. I can help you to notice your choices and become aware of what you are creating because of them... and most importantly, I can help you to choose differently.

You can get more information about my current radio show, Expressions of Love, and sign up for the reminder email list by clicking on the link below.

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The links below will take you to my previous show "Laser Love" and an interview I was on last fall.

BlogTalkRadio - Laser Love

Meet the Coaches September 3rd 2012

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