Internal Guidance and Paradigm Shifting System 1.0


Mastering your Intuitive powers

Sundays, starting August 2 thru October 4, 2015
Time:  11am – 12:30pm PDT
(12pm MDT, 1pm CDT, 2
pm EDT)

$298 for 10 weeks (or bring a “Buddy” and each save $98)

Over this 10 week program you will learn:

  • the difference between intuition and energy
  • to distingishing intuition from wishful thinking
  • mindfulness and Stress busters, quieting the “monkey mind”
  • to read energy
  • to trust in the information you receive
  • kinesiology principles

A bit about the Instructors:

Roberta Nelson is one of those lucky people who always had a strong connection to her intuition and as been aware of energy around her.  She has studied numerous modalities and used the tools and processes she will be teaching in this course, on a daily basis.  She is a fountain of information and experience.

Rebecca Gretz is an example of someone who never considered herself intuitive and understood energy to be what powered the lights in her house.  Through courses like this one, she has trained herself to listen and receive the information that now guides her life.

What if you could:

  • connect into the “zone” or “flow” in a heart beat?
  • have 20/20 foresight and skip the drama from the get go?
  • know the answer?
  • quickly clear negative energies around you?
  • ease and release your pain?
  • feel more in control?
  • open a “broadband connection” to your inner knowing on demand?
  • clear old patterns cluttering your life?
  • develop your concentration and boost your focus?

In our iGPS System 1.0 course, you will learn all of these and more.

Each 90 minute class will include:

  • over 60 minutes of relevant and valuable content
  • time for Q & A
  • exercises and processes to practice during the week
  • the opportunity to engage with others in the class

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