Coaches-n-Friends Cleanse ~ June 12 – July 2, 2016

The word “Cleanse” has an interesting effect on people.  Either their eyes glaze over as they start to back away from you, or their eyes light up as they start excitedly talking about how great they feel after their most recent cleanse. We consider this guided cleanse an “Indulgence Cleanse” because of how much delicious food is available during the 21 days of cleansing and how great you may feel during and after this cleanse.  After participating in this cleanse, You could very well be one of those whose eyes light up at the mention of a cleanse.

During our most recent cleanse, some of the benefits cleansers experienced were: significant weight loss; pronounced improvement in mobility; better quality sleep; reduced cravings and more.

The products that enhance this pH balancing cleanse and optimize the kind of results listed above are from the goDesana cleanse line, and are easy to customize for individual needs and desires and they have been specially formulated and created to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.  The alkalizing qualities of these products makes balancing your pH a simple, tasty, stress free endeavor.  We encourage you to consider using them.

You might be asking “Why do I want to do a CLEANSE?”

girl salad

What if:

  • the variety of foods made your mouth water
  • the portions were generous
  • you went throughout the day feeling satisfied
  • you could eat whenever you were hungry
  • you noticed your skin clearing up
  • you started sleeping better
  • aches and pains started to go away
  • and more…

You might be wondering… “Why do I want to do THIS cleanse with Essence Coaches?”


  • Experience of  Certified Wellness and Cleanse Coaches

  • The exponential power of  the Group Dynamic

  • We are certified Detoxification Specialists

  • Daily email with tips and hints and recipes

  • Optional Essence Energy Coaching support


The cleanse, will start on June 12th and run through July 2nd. We invite you to download and complete this “HealthGauge”  to get a health baseline.  If you would like to optimize your cleanse experience, we encourage you to order a Supplement Pack from goDésana.

We offer our expert guidance to support you on this cleanse, through email and Facebook, at no charge… after you sign up below.  You will be included in our 21 days of daily support – delicious recipes, invaluable self care tips, time saving preparation hints, easy menu planning and  tools to encourage release of old patterns.

If you are ready to step into Summer with a quantum leap in your health, download and complete this “HealthGauge”, order the supplement pack that is right for you and sign up below to indulge with us in this Summer cleanse.

If you have any questions or would like some help deciding which Supplement pack is right for you, please contact us

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