Coach AndyThere are many buzzwords in the area of personal growth and self-help. One of the most popular is transformation. So many books, programs and courses promise “transformation,” but what does that really mean? What is transformation as opposed to information?

Information. In–form–ation. Putting data into form. Filling our form (our brain/mind) with data. Being filled with information is what counts as an education in our society. We go to school to have our brain properly filled. The higher educated someone is, the more data has been put into them.

Transformation is something else entirely. Trans means to move, to shift, and to change. Transformation doesn’t fill up the form it changes the form. Changing the shape of your mind changes your perspective. It changes your reality. Transformation changes your world by changing how you see, perceive and experience it.

The shape of our form matters much more than the objective information that goes inside it. A person who regularly focuses on the positive changes their body. This isn’t a metaphor; form actually changes. New neural pathways are created in the brain.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “think outside the box.” In that metaphor the box is your brain or mind. Information is data going in to the form. It is your mind filling up with data.

Transformation changes the form, the mind, or your “box” if you will.  I invite you not to think outside of the box, outside of the form you’ve always known. Rather, I invite you to imagine your box, your form, as an ocean. What if your box was the universe? What if your box, your container, was a boundless expanse of all possibilities?

That is transformation. Transformation goes beyond education and information. Transformation changes everything.


  1. Coach Brenda

    Andy, Great AWARENESS!!! I love your break down of in-form-ation. It makes me want to get up and take transformative action!

    1. Coach Andy

      So great to hear that Brenda. Get up and do the transformation dance!


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